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Inside or outside The Hague

Prices of The Hague City Tax come in 2 different rates. There is the standard taxi fare we use in The Hague. For cities outside The Hague we apply a special fare.

Prices The Hague City Tax

  • Starting fee - € 3,85
  • Rate per kilometre - € 2,96
  • Time rate/min. - € 0,49
  • Waiting rate (per hour) - € 55,35

Prices for a taxi bus (5-8 people)

  • Starting fee - € 7,85
  • Rate per kilometre - € 3,72
  • Time rate/min. - € 0,55
  • Waiting rate (per hour) - € 55,35

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Special rates

The rates below are based on the use of a passenger car. The surcharge for the use of a passenger bus is approximately 25%. Please contact with us for an exact rate.

Rates from The Hague

  • € 85,00Taxi from The Hague to Schiphol
  • € 127,00Taxi from The Hague to Amsterdam Centrum
  • € 72,00Taxi from The Hague to Rotterdam Centrium
  • € 58,00Taxi from The Hague to Zoetermeer
  • € 70,00Taxi from The Hague to Leiden
  • € 170,00Taxi from The Hague to Utrecht
  • € 89,00Taxi from The Hague to Hoek van Holland
  • € 83,00Taxi from The Hague to Lisse

Other destinations

  • € 95,00Taxi from Wassenaar to Rotterdam

Is your destination not listed here? Please contact us at 070 - 3 830 830.

Payment methods Haagsche City Tax

We accept PIN, cash and credit cards and it is possible to pay with ideal in the taxi (please indicate when ordering). All credit cards are accepted and there is also the option to charge your transport orders on which you periodically receive a total invoice.

Betalen met PIN of Creditcard is mogelijk